Does this shop offer all products and brands available at Schiphol 
No – there's far more to explore at SchipholAt this time, you can only Click & Collect a selection of our products. But still, there's plenty to look forward to!  
Can I place an order without a flight number 
Unfortunately not. We ask for your flight number to know the departure terminal. With this information, we can make sure you can collect your order from a store within a short walking distance. 
Is this service only available for flights that depart from Schiphol? 
Yes, that’s correct. You can only collect your order from Schiphol after securitywhen you’re on your way to the gate. 
Can I bring my order on board the plane? 
Definitely! We always take into account what and how many items you can take with you. If necessary, your products will be packed in a sealed bag. 
Is it possible to exchange my order?  
Sure, we will gladly exchange your item for another item in stock. On your cashier receipt you will find our contact details. Please contact us to let us know which product you would like to exchange. 

Can I still cancel or change my order?  
Your online order is merely a reservation – you’re not obligated to collect the items should you change your mind. If you would like to exchange your purchase, we’ll help you find something else in store. 


When can I collect my order?  
If you order at least one day before departure: 4 hours before your scheduled departure time. Please pay attention if you take an early morning or late evening flight: due to COVID-19, our stores are open from 6:00h until 20:00h.

If you order on the day of departurewe need an hour to prepare your order for pick up.  
How do I get to the pickup store? 
Look out for our email with the details you needYou will receive either an order confirmation with directions or an additional pickup email. Anyhow, we will provide clear directions to the pickup store. 
How much time will it take me to collect my order and walk to my gate?  
It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Your order will be ready for pickup at a store close to your departure gateIt’s a matter of walking in, collecting (and paying for) your order, and walking out.  
I can’t find the pickup store  what now? 
We’re sorry to hear that. You should have received directions to the pickup store by email. Still no luck finding your way? Please ask our colleagues at Schiphol for guidance and they’ll be happy to help you.  
What if I run late and can’t collect my order? 
Running late? Don’t worry. If you do not collect your order, your products will be sold to another customer. 
Can I collect my order when I return to Schiphol? 
Unfortunately, this is not possible. 



What payment methods do you accept? 
We accept cash, PIN ocredit card 
Can I use my discount voucher to pay for my online order? 
Yes, you can redeem your voucher when you collect your order at Schiphol. We’re happy to scan/accept your voucher. 
Do I still need to pay if I can’t collect my order? 
No, you don’t have to pay for anythingYour online order is merely a reservation.  


What to do if my flight has been delayed? 
We keep your order aside for you so if you’re delayed, no need to let us know about it. Come by to collect your order later. 
What to do if my flight has been cancelled? 
If your flight has been cancelled, we will cancel your order automatically and your items are no longer reserved. Are you taking a different flight? Please place a new order to guarantee we have the product you require in stock.